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Semester 1 and 2  Extra Credit:

Directions: Choose one of the following options to receive extra credit.  You will only receive extra credit for the completion of one project.  If you choose to do more than one project then you will only receive extra credit for one of those projects.

You may only complete extra credit projects after we have completed the unit in class.  You can complete one extra credit project per semester.


The list below shows the possible extra credit opportunities, to find more information on one of the below topics please click on the link.  


All extra credit assignments are due by Monday, Dec. 10.


  1. Make a Comic Strip for any chemistry topic- 5 points

  2. Make a mole!- 5 points

  3. Put together a puzzle showing the combination of different elements- 10 points

  4. Read Current Events Articles and write summaries- 10 points

  5. Make a bird house using Metric Conversions-10 points

  6. Make Tombstones for Chemists of the past-5 points

  7. Make a brochure for careers in chemistry- 10 points

  8. Write a children's book about atomic structure-10 points

  9. Make molecular models-5 points

  10. Make a video singing the solubility song(second semester only)

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